Why I love Skyrim

Why I love Skyrim

Why I love Skyrim

Well we’ve all heard of ”Skyrim”, probably the best game ever (well thats what I think). Practically every boy in my class loves Skyrim. So today I am going to show you five reasons I love Skyrim.

  1. Free World: Well I love any game thats a free world game. But Skyrim has to be my favorite. In most games free world means you could walk anywhere and there is additional quests to the game other than the main mission or quest. In Skyrim you never know what is going to happen, like in the real world.
  2. Murder Anyone: Remember Cicero, yeah I killed him. Isn’t it lovely that you can kill anyone you want in Skyrim just for the heck of it. Or if there just so freaking annoying.
  3. Combat: Oh I just love tapping the right trigger over and over again. Its also the options to deal damage, magic, melee weapon, etc.
  4.   Quests: Every quest has its purpose. Every quest has a special award. Every quest is amazing. I especially love daedric quests where you can get amazing daedric artifacts.
  5.  Enemies: There is a large variety of enemies. To bandits to dragons, there is many enemies to face. The hardest enemy I have encountered is the ”Draugr Death Overlord”, not because they are strong but because they have a lot of health.