Skyrim Secrets, Easter Eggs, Secrets

Everyone knows that Bethesda leaves in a LOT of Skyrim secrets and easter eggs. So in this article I will be sharing some of my favorite glitches and easter eggs in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

1.Thieves Guild has Symbols Everywhere- The Thieves Guild has many types of symbols that each mean something different. Some mean area isTheives Guild protected, there is loot here, empty, etc. So if you look around the outside of a building very closely in a major city you might find one of these symbols.

2. Oblivion Scroll turns into a Bucket- This one is actually one of my favorites because of the laughter I always get when I show my friends. To find this easter egg you need to go to “The Mythic Dawn Museum” in Dawnstar. When your inside look at a oblivion scroll that’s in a display case. Lockpick the display case and once you open it use the destruction spell “Flames” and use it on the scroll. See what happens.

3. Notched Pickaxe- The Notched Pickaxe is a reference to Minecraft’s creator Notch. This Notched Pickaxepickaxe has a special enchantment that raises your smithing by 5 and gives 5-6 shock damage when used for combat.

4. Vulthuryol- This is a dragon that can be found in Blackreach if you use the Fus-Ro-Dah on the giant very noticeable chandelier. If you do this a dragon named Vulthuryol will appear.Vulthuryol

5.Luke Skywalker- If you go into a certain cave in Skyrim you will find a skeleton hanging from the ceiling with a sword below him. This is supposed to be a reference to the scene in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker is trapped in a cave and he has to use the force to get hidWampa Cave lightsaber and free himself. There is also a Frost Troll in that cave which is supposed to be the wampa in Star Wars.

There are many other easter eggs and secrets in Skyrim but these are my favorite. Tell me some of your favorites in the comments below. Thanks guys!! 🙂