I will be starting journal entries about my day. This is the first journal entry I have made sooo… enjoy 🙂

Well today was interesting… no it actually wasn’t. Well actually my school cancelled P.E. as an elective so me and my bros (my friends) had to chose a new elective for Friday. I chose typing but it was already full so the teachers forced me to be in art. Well that isn’t that bad because the girl I have a crush on is in art too soo that could be interesting. And my new elective for Monday is robotics which my crush is in too. Unfortunately she really likes the class nerd (Marcos). I mean he’s cool and all but he is a showoff (like if I wasn’t because of my looks but I’m not that much of a showoff). So thats all I could think of soo goodbye bros.

P.S. I was supposed to post this yesterday but didn’t have time so I posted it the day after.



  1. Hello kiddo! 🙂
    Sounds like you had quite an interesting day. I’m interested in hearing more about your robotics class. You know, I have a minor in robotics 😉
    I would also like to hear more about this “crush” 🙂
    Love you kiddo!
    -tia Angie

    • Cool you should teach me how to make a robot. I understand the programing part but the robot building part is confusing. And I prefer to keep the “crush” thing a secret, no hard feelings XD.