My Favorite Anime Shows

If you guys have read my other posts you would know that I’m quite the geek. And as a geek it is only natural that I watch anime. So today I will be sharing some of my favorite anime.

  1. Dragon Ball Z- This anime is about a alien Gokunamed Goku who struggles to protect earth. To aliens to androids, Goku’s enemy’s never seem to go down so easily. I remember watching this show as a kid. I still watch some of the older episodes but honestly this show really wouldn’t be going in my list of favorite anime but since I really liked this show as a kid it just had to be mentioned at least once.
  2. Death Note- The main idea of this anime is some very intelligent 17 year old finds a notebook called the “Death Note”. He uses this notebook to kill every villain on Earth. While doing so if anyone gets in his way he kills them too. The thing about this anime is the cruel way Light (the main character) kills his victims. Which are always strangely satisfying.deathnote_s1v1
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist- It’s kinda difficult to explain what this show is about but I’ll do my best. When Edward and Alphonse were little their father left them and their mother died. Luckily they knew alchemy. Not just simple alchemy but actual transmution. When the brothers attempt to bring back their mother Alphonse ends up losing his body and Edward loses his arm attempting to bring back their mother. Edward also loses his leg by trying to bind his brothers lost soul to a suit of armor which he succeeds in. The whole purpose of the show is the brothers looking for a Nina_ChimeraFormartifact called the philosophers stone to get their body’s back. This show seems fun at first but later becomes very tragic and dramatic. The picture on the right is all you need to know…
  4. Sword Art Online (SAO)- This show is about a troubled teen named Kirito which bought an online game called Sword Art Online which is an MMORPG without magic. Everything seems to be normal until one of the players find out that you can’t log out. Let me tell you that the console that Kirito is playing on is like the Osiris only that this console turns off your muscles so that you don’t move in real life. Which means that Kirito and the people that are playing the game are stuck in the sword art onlinegame. And to make things worse if you die in the game you die in real life. The only way to escape is to defeat every boss in the game… in stores now!
  5. Fairy Tail- In another land magic is the lifeFairy Tail Guild of some people. Those people are called wizards. Natsu who might be the strongest wizard in the Fairy Tail guild is on a quest to find his missing foster parent ,Igleen, who is a dragon.

                                                                                     6. Attack on Titan– This show is about the human race trying to protect itself from human eating, humanlike giants called titans. 100 years ago the titans almost devoured the whole human existence. Luckily the human race created these giant walls to protect itself from the titansWalls. 100 years later the humans seem to be fine but one day a colossal titan broke the first wall. One unfortunate boy named Eren lost his mother in the horrible event. The whole show is based on Eren joining the military and fighting against the titans. This show has to be the best show ever. The story in this show is just amazing. Yet there seems to be an equal amount of action in it. I especially like the manga.

attack on titan Those have to be my favorite anime shows of all time. If you guys came here to find some good anime to watch I really hope I was able to help but I want to tell you guys that everyone has their own special kind of anime they like to watch. If you don’t like these kind of shows that’s fine I just prefer shows that have combat, exception of Death Note. I only like that show because of the gruesome death in it… so um thanks for reading and peace out.