Well today was interesting, finally in a good way. I was home alone today so I did stuff I would never attempt if my parents were home. I put on anime on my apple tv, full volume, ordered a pizza, drank mountain dew, ate dorritos, and played COD the same time I was watching anime. I think I gained a few pounds but it was totally worth it. And why do people say “gain weight”. That sounds like a good thing if you “gain weight”. It’s like if you gain immortality. That is a good thing. Gaining weight is a bad thing but people make it sound like a good thing by saying “gain weight”. It should be “get fat”…people already say that don’t they? Well more people should say that. And you guys would think that I’m just some fat geek but I’m actually in good shape. I usually work out every morning. And that’s it for today thanks for reading and peace out!