Websites You Can Go to When You’re Bored

Are you here because your on the internet and your bored out of your mind. Well I find myself reading my own articles because I’m so bored sometimes. Well I found some amazing websites you can go to when your bored. Enjoy!!

  1. This is one of the weirder ones but it’s pretty entertaining. So the point of the game is to combine the doge faces to other doge faces that are the same. It sounds pretty stupid but it’s actually really addicting. And if you keep on combining faces, doge will encourage you by saying stuff like, “SO GOOD” and “VERY SCORES”.
  2. Nitro Type is a website that makes you race other opponents by typing. Not only is it fun but it also helps you with your typing. I remember having loads of fun in 5th grade with this website. You can make friends on this website and make personal races with friends. There is also a large variety of cars to buy and use.
  3. This website is freaking hilarious. So the whole point is to get a picture from your computer and put googly eyes on it. It sounds stupid but it’s actually really addicting.¬† Here is one I made.
  4. This has to be my favorite website ever. So the point of this website is to create a beatbox. But wait! It’s more than that, here on this website there is four modes of beatbox. “The Original”, “Little Miss”, “Sunrise”, and my¬†favorite “The Love” which is also the newest mode. This is a lot more fun than it sounds. Once you start it’s hard to stop.
  5. You will spend HOURS on this website. On this website you press a red button and this website will send you to a random website.
  6. Scratch that other website I said was my favorite. THIS is my favorite website ever. This website has a bunch of webcomics, video game news, rage comics, and REALLY random pictures. You can create an account and post some stuff yourself but I prefer just looking at these hilarious posts.