Hey everyone! I’m back! You guys probably don’t care but I feel pretty excited about this. I haven’t been on for such a long time because I simply lost interst in this blog, I felt forced by my parents to do this. But now I feel a bit more motivated to be doing this again! I’ll just simply tell them that I’m not doing this and hopefully they’ll let me do mah thang….wait…. my parents just saw me typing on here…. nevermind, I guess they’ll be forcing me to do some crappy posts now…. Oh well whatever, I’m still excited to say that I am going to be posting hopefully daily if I’m the mood. I will be posting about things I like such as, favorite anime, favorite bands, favorite clothing, etc. I really hope I have matured in the writing category. Obviously, I willl be making a few top tens that I may have made before just because my taste in many things have changed since last year. I mostly stopped because I felt like my posts were just boring. Well, I hope you guys are willing to visit my blog! AND PEACE OUT!