Eternal Suffering and Existential Crisis’s


Hey everyone! Rafael the Weaboo here with another crappy post. Today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while now…. existential crisis’s(?).

So this might seem like a joke to some people but guess what! It’s not a freaking joke! You have no idea how many nights I have been wide awake just thinking about simply everything. Questioning things like God, my purpose, why I was born, etc. It is legitimately a very scary experience. It really makes you question things you would usually just avoid.

If you are going through a existential crisis, I have a few tips for you that might help. 

  • Listen to music while going to sleep- It really helps if you just avert your attention from the questions you have and just pay attention to the music.
  • Think of other stuff- I dunno. Just think about your favorite anime or something to avoid the questions.
  • Uhmmmm- I’m running out of tips….
  • ¯\_(¬ ε ¬)_/¯

And I ran out of tips…. Well being honest, that was all I did to avoid my existential crisis. Even though it may seem stupid, it really helps if your experiencing these kind of emotions.

Well, that’s about it for today, I hope I was able to entertain you today. And…. PEACE OUT!