Favorite Show #5

Favorite Shows

YO WASSUP YOU DISGUSTING PARASITES LIVING IN YOUR PARENTS BASEMENTS, I’M BACK WITH ANOTHER BUTT UGLY POST! Sorry for not posting in a very long time, I was pretty busy remodeling my house and the few moments I had to rest I either fell asleep or started to watch anime. I have finally finished and I have decided to start the favorite show series. This is going to be a five part series talking about my favorite shows. I am going to number them from least favorite to most favorite.  

Today I’m going to be talking about my 5th favorite show, The Filthy Frank Show. The Filthy Frank Show is truly a work of art. Even though it isn’t airing on TV or isn’t on Netflix, it has “show” in the title and managed to make it to #1 on IMDb. This is incredible because the creator of the show ,”Joji” managed to pass shows such as, “Breaking Bad” and,”Game of Thrones”. Filthy Frank is said to be, “…the embodiment of everything a person should not be.”

The Filthy Frank Show is based off of 50 year old guy named, “Filthy Frank” and his disturbing friends as they fight against the antagonist,”Chin Chin”. The show has about 130 episodes and is still uploading ever so often. The majority of characters in the show are played by Joji the creator of the show. 

Filthy Frank has been a huge figure for the meme community. His grotesque personality and horrendous acts are just perfect for the common dank meme. One character from the show, Pink Guy, was responsible for the,”Harlem Shake” trend in 2013.  My personal favorite would probably be Safari Man or Salamander Man.

Well that’s about it for today folks. Thanks for sticking around and, PEACE OUT!!